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Top 1 offline game like pubg

about this gameThe activity shooting war in the SWAGGY SURVIVOR style!!

Loot Shooter takes you to the swaggy venture on the endurance battlegrounds. Experience the helicopter arrival on the front line with 3 opportunities to get by till end. Battle against all the shooters with stacked firearms to be a definitive SWAG SHOOTER!! 

Triumph the activity shooting war by getting by in the contracting play zone of the activity fields. Destruction each player with particular strategies and procedure to arrive at the best on the web and disconnected multiplayer round of the year. 

Experience the exciting activity with high range ordnance, expedient vehicles and ground-breaking explosives. 

Support yourself for the outrageous FPS multiplayer war. Pull up your trigger, point your objective and shoot them to death. Experience a definitive inquiry and plunder on the tremendous maps of new war games. 

Appreciate the FPS war even in disconnected way.


Realistic 3D game play with rich itemizing both graphically just as strategically. 

● High quality sound and vivid 3D audio effects, giving exciting experience of activity endurance battleground. 

● Modern adjustable UI with considerably more detail setting, being easy to understand. 

● Gameplay with best First Person Shooter mode in top free new weapon games. 

● Swag Shooter gives you flawless pointing framework with astounding cartons and rewards. 

● Smooth and simple versatile controls of the top free shooting match-ups. 


● Wide scope of degree including 2x, 4x and 6x giving high accuracy to the firearms of Swag Shooter. 

● Load up on present day weaponry like Sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, guns, and launchers giving every player a particular shooting experience of activity games. 

● It additionally serves high and low quality setting of guide letting you play under each low end cell phone. 

● The new loot characters to improve the activity, and each furnished with various forces to play in endurance games. 

● New and unique concealed plunder spots to prepare yourself completely in this extraordinary war shooter. 


● Create your private room and collaborate with your companions to battle against every single other player in free battleground shooting match-up. 

● Defeat adversaries in group just as independently in various modes in present day weapon games. 

● Challenge your companions worldwide into the best FPS activity battle, Swag Shooter. 

● Varied AI conduct makes every player one of a kind and testing to keep the principles of endurance and take war games to triumph. 


Rush into the Express trains to run away to the protected zone and investigate the best FPS shooting match-up places. 

● Boost your presentation with Power Pack like acoustic reinforcement, high bounce and dynamic weaponry. 

● Win a definitive title “Strut” and get astounding forces like tempest endurance force and foe locator. 

● Helicopter shows up at certain time spans to open the greatest plunder openings in the activity weapon games. 

● Save yourself from the moving tempest and terminating turrets of the endurance battlegrounds. 

● Happy firecrackers in type of rockets, to make the eye getting visual experience and a system of shooting match-ups

Along these lines, join the Swag Shooter, investigate in swaggy way and be a definitive Swagger. Transform the virus war into the rankling activity war with your shoot and weapon shots. 

Traverse the improving guidelines of regular battleground endurance shooting match-ups this new year by making due to the fittest. 

Experience full activity experience of the advanced fighting on the miserable land for epic Battle Royale Games.

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Hamza Akram

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