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14 beauty tips and hairs care tips

14 beauty tips-Because they’re probably a bit obvious, the following tips might seem simple. But they are essential for maintaining the freshness, smoothness, and beauty of your skin. After reading them, put them into practice. The results will not be that long  2.hairs care tips here I will tell you two hairs care tips.

14 beauty tips and hairs care tips

01. Proper humidity level (beauty tips)
The term hydration comes from the concept of “hydro” or water. As long as you keep your skin at the proper humidity level, you won’t suffer from dryness. Also, drinking plenty of water will keep your skin fresh and moisturized. If you don’t take a shower, tap your face in cold water and let it dry naturally, and the results will be apparent in a few days.

02. Vitamin E (beauty tips)
Trust the Vitamin E in some creams and skin products. This vitamin is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from damage by free radicals, the main enemy of skin freshness.

03. Masks (beauty tips)
Masks are very beneficial products for the skin, as they restore the freshness of the skin and give it smoothness and tone. Use the mask at least once every 15 days and do not leave it on your face for a long time. Twenty to thirty minutes is enough and replenish the moisturizer.

04. Hand (beauty tips)
Skin Oh, and if you pay no attention to the skin of your hands, they will immediately begin to crack and stain. Because the hands are always exposed, they reflect age as part of the body. Take care of them and put the cream on every time you wash them, and as often as needed a day

05. leg (beauty tips)
foot deserves your full attention. Moisturize daily with a relaxing oil such as glycerin, honey, olives, mint and shea after bathing and at night. Peel off rough areas of the legs such as the knees (back and front) and heels.

06. Stretch marks For (beauty tips)
stretch marks, products containing essential oils such as almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba, and shea are the best. However, there are important points in eliminating these nasty marks. It is the consistency of the routine of applying the specified cream.

07. Exfoliation Exfoliating (beauty tips)
is a habit that has perfect results because it removes impurities and dead skin cells. There are products such as soaps and gels that you can make yourself in the shower as moisture increases the action of the exfoliant.

08. Allergies (beauty tips)
If you tend to be allergic to deodorant, especially in hot weather, try using a small lemon or baking soda on your armpit. The sourness of the lemon removes the odor of sweat, resulting in long-lasting results. However, it should not be exposed to the sun as it can become dirty.

09. Reclaimed Cream (beauty tips)
Reclaimed cream is a hormone replacement that contains ingredients such as isoflavones (from soybeans) and can be regenerated itself from marine constituents such as algae, or permanently exfoliated from formulations containing retinol, for example.

10.Anti-aging cream (beauty tips)
Anti-aging cream Anti-aging cream for beauty tips  works at night, but if you think applying it to yourself without skin conditioning and toning is a task, help diminish its effectiveness. And anti-aging cream has no effect. Act as needed.

11.For oily and combination skin (For oily skin)

Sprinkle some sugar on the frozen yogurt, massage your face, take half an orange, and rub gently until the granules melt. Wash your face with ice water and see the difference.

12.For tired and dry skin
Massage the face with papaya. Mix a little cold milk with flour and honey to make a scrub and use it on your face. Rinse with cold milk and water, patting by hand and dry.

13.Instant facelift ( instant face lift)

Rinse your face with ice water and apply the pack of white eggs on your face with a damp brush and allow to dry. If you feel stretched skin, rinse your face with cold water.

Now, let me introduce you to some ways to protect your body and mind from the upset of spring and how to take care of them.

14.How to protect and care for your body and mind from spring upsets

Do not cool your body.
It is said that immunity decreases by 30% when the body temperature drops by 1°C, and temporarily increases by up to 5 to 6 times when the body temperature rises by 1°C.

sleep A lack of sleep causes imbalance in hormones and weakens immunity. With sufficient sleep, reset the disorder of the day and prepare your body to withstand external stimuli.

● Well-balanced diet
To maintain a healthy body, diet, which is the raw material that makes the body, is, of course, important. Physical strength, energy, immunity, skin strength, all come from the food you eat.

●Stress care
Spring nature makes your heart warm and soft. Relaxing indoors is nice, but touching the outside air, cold, and fresh green scent will give you the best healing.
That said, it can be a counterproductive behavior that causes symptoms for people with hay fever. Why not enjoy the natural scent indoors by using aroma oil.

Next, I would like to introduce some ingredients, drinks and skin care that protect your beauty from the spring season.
Daikon, leek, oysters, yam, yogurt, tea soba, natto, umeboshi, garlic, chicken, ginger…
<<Ingredients to moisturize the skin>> Cod, flounder, konjac, taro, Koya tofu…

Green tea, sweet tea・Camomile tea rooibos tea…

[skin care]
●Ceramide cosmetics that moisturize the surface and lead to healthy skin without irritating the skin ●Very

firm UV care against gradually increasing ultraviolet rays

●Sensitive = dry, so moisturizing effect to protect from pollen Wear a high mask. (I’m not hay fever, but when I’m sensitive, I wear a mask as skin care.)

How was it?
If you leave yourself to the natural world of spring, your heart will be excited and you will be able to spend your time gently and gently. On the other hand, if you leave yourself to the society of this season, it is also a season when your body and mind are easily disturbed due to various changes. So, while enjoying the spring season as much as possible, let’s face the beauty problems

that often occur in the spring season and protect your beauty.
see you.

Here we will talk about 2 hairs tips

1.For frizzy hair (for dusty hair)

Try making this simple hair treatment spray that’s easy . two

Slice the lemon and boil in 2 cups of water until half the amount. Put the boiled liquid in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Quiet and no hair to fly!

2.For natural hair color ( for natural hair color)

If your hair is dyed in brown, it’s about time! But if you don’t have the time, you can take some branches of rosemary from the kitchen shelf and simmer with 2 tsp of tea in 2 cups of water to half the volume. Mix and mix with 1/4 cup shampoo. When shampooing, use this mixture and leave it for about 15 minutes to see the difference.

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