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7 fitness tips for a healthy life

7 fitness tips for a healthy life. Getting a Healthy lifestyle begins with developing Healthy habits.
Today I’ll share some tips for that

The best way to make healthy habits is to know how your brain processes information to make habits and use it to help you build your habits.

Many fast-food companies use your senses To attract you to your products. make ads That and inspire your senses make your Products look more appealing.and its Amazingly effective.

For example.if a TV commercial of a new hamburger sandwiched between hamburger steak and crispy lettuce bright red tomatoes like freshly picked and toro like cheese.This day is this would you like to ask.

Also if you walk along the road and smell The savory burger and potatoes from Nearby shops,
You’ll feel like lets go for a bit

This use of visual taste olfactory and auditory sensation can be very helpful in creating an association with a particular food or behavior.

Use this knowledge to create positive feelings about exercise and healthy eating.

7 fitness tips for a healthy life

  1. go outside
  2. design indoor exercise
  3. make an exercise space
  4. prepare beautiful dishes
  5. listen to music and raise your mood
  6. prepare a delicious exercise drink
  7. use a scent that make you feel good

7 fitness tips for a healthy life

1.go outside

Exercise  where you can see the
beautiful scenery is ideal for active exercise

The exiting environment varies from person
to person. Some people like the mountains
and the field, and some like the city of people

The important thing is that you know your Favorite
Environment and incorporate it  into Your fines habits indoor exercise

If you can’t exercise outside, devise
yourself indoor

It is good to exercise near the window so that
You can see the outside scenery and if you are
motivated by other peoples who are exercising,
you should exercise in an environment with
other people such as a gym would be nice too.
Thinking and experiencing how what you see
effect your energy level and motivation can
help you the find right environment for you.

3.make an exercise space

If you’re thinking about working out at home
Get into the habit of exercising every day in a fixed space in your home.
You don’t need the big stuff. You can easily Create an exercise
Space simply by lying a yoga mat on the Floor.
It is difficult for people to take time and trouble.
Put out the futon put away your bag and clothes,
and then lay out the yoga mat and set the exercise DVD
THE MORE TIME IT TAKE to get started, the harder it becomes i will
As soon as you create an exercise space
You can start exercising and focus on the exercise
You want get into the habits.

Before I used to say,I lay a yoga mat before
exercising and clean it up, When I am done.
At that time i was worried because I couldn’t mat it habit
So what I tried to think what the cause of the that can not
habitual. Do not you ready for the yoga mat is at the top of the
bottleneck.I think when i leave a bed of yoga mat to get
down to exercise,I realized that the psychological
hurdles of were drastically lowered.
My room is not so big but I have two yoga mat
for exercise space.IF you have that much space, you
can do enough exercise.

4.prepare beautiful dishes

With a little effort, and time create beautiful
colorful and visually appealing meals and snack
And please make it a reward after the exercise.
People feel a great deal, of happiness in eating
delicious food that looks beautiful.ThereFor you
will be drawn to the beautifully decorated cake that
looks delicious.
Not only do healthy food look attractive. But
wit a little creativity, and time we can prepare
beautiful and healthy meals.
For example, If you like red add apple and
strawberries to your post-workout snack.If
you can prepare food that you like and that are
good for your body and look good, you will be
more motivated to exercise.

5. Listen to music and raise your mood

The music you listen to during training affects your feelings
and energy. By playing music that increases your motivation
before exercise, You can get easily get started and get on track.
If you have hard training that requires high motivation
choose an uptempo song. On the other hand, when stretching
or doing yoga, slow music is recommended.

6. prepare a delicious exercise drink

Make it a habit to drink fluids while exercising
Make a bottle of your liking that makes you look
forward to exercise and add a delicious drink to it while exercising.
You can use any drink, You like but avoid sugar
and calories. Some sports drinks contain a lot of
sugar so, if you choose, choose one with low sugar.
Electrolytes are lost during, Exercise so choosing
something that can replenish electrolytes will help
your body.

7.use a scent that makes you feel good

Just like smelling a good scent will make you feel
good, and smelling a dull odor will make you feel
uncomfortable, the fragrance has a great influence.
on a person’s mood and emotions.
Find a scent that raises your mood and energy level
associating a specific scent with exercise is a great
way to establish. healthy habits.
For example, the scent of lavender will relax and
soothe your mood. Using a lavender scent before doing
yoga can help you enter a relaxed state.
Lemon is the best before training because it
refreshes your mind with a refreshing scent.
and when you need something new or creative
Peppermint can help.
I will once again summarize 7 fitness tips
for a healthy life

  1. go outside
  2. design indoor exercise
  3. make an exercise space
  4. prepare beautiful dishes
  5. listen to music and raise your mood
  6. prepare a delicious exercise drink
  7. use a scent that makes you feel good
7 fitness tips for a healthy life. You don’t have to do everything
If there is something, you can work on, please give it a try
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