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Hey Gamers,  Your one stop destination for the best smart phone games out there! My name is ”shakeel ahmed”  And I’m sure you’ll keep loving us like you always do. In this article I’ll show you ‘TOP 10 OFFLINE FPS ANDROID GAMES AND iOS   that can be played completely Offline! So No Internet?? No Problem! Make sure to Leave a comment if enjoy this article and now without wasting any time… Lets get started

1.Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour | 2200 MB | PAID | OFFLINEANDROID:

So the first one on our list is a Realistic Action Shooter From The game loft studios, The Modern combat 4: zero Hour. It has a massive size of 2.2 GB, But hey remember what they say?… With great size comes great graphics! This game makes you feel the chaos of war with console-like High graphics and lifelike animations. Its set in a nuclear warfare plot where, its up to you now, to save the humanity from the devastation

2.N.O.V.A 3 freedom edition 1320 MB | FREE | OFFLINEANDROID:

Next up on our list, is a title which you can’t download from play store anymore, NOVA 3: The freedom edition! Its A heavyweight fps from the game loft studios. As they say… with great size comes great graphics! this game is designed with a cool sci-fi theme and has console like high quality graphics! Its alien invasion plot will remind you of powerful titles like halo and cry sis 3!

3.Squad Strike 3 | 50 MB | FREE | OFFLINE

And The Next up we have a graphically enhanced version of CS 1.6! The Squad Strike 3! This game isn’t available on the play store either but i have given all games download links in her titles names You can easily notice the similarities with the original counter strike, once you start playing! Lot of level maps like dust 2, assault, office are pre included the and the weapons are identical tool! So go plant the bomb and make the…. [cut the sentence]

And the next up on our list is one of the best zombie FPS titles out there, The Dead Effect 2! A console quality game by the bad fly interactive studios! This game has some serious high graphics with an enticing story line to keep you engaged! some of you guys might argue, that its an online game, well it was, until recently when the developers decided to make it offline with a massive update!!!

Moving on we have a beautiful low-poly game from the Crecent Moon Studios, The Morphite! Its an environmental puzzle adventure game where you explore unknown planets following an amazing story line! I appreciate this game for its unique game play and eye catchy design! All the landscapes get randomly generated whenever you visit a new planet! You can play the first two missions for free after which a one time payment unlocks the full game!

And the next up we have something straight from the dc universe! the Suicide squad! a movie based game by the warner studios! here you take control of three of the most gruesome super villains and use their devasting powers to protect the city against the evil monsters!!! You can Fight as Harley Quinn with her signature baseball bat, as Dead shot with his quick killing rifle or with Diablo and just set some bad guys on fire!!!

And next up we have one of my personal favourite zombie fps! the dead trigger 1! An excellent first-person shooter capable of giving you solid goosebumps as thousands of dead zombies crawl their way to kill you! It features excellent animated graphics and realistic weapons! You’ll also find season related themes and skins like Halloween, Christmas,etc…Happy Zombie Hunting!

Next up on our list is the Commando Fire Go! A cool enemy shooting game with unique cartoon is graphics! Here You can equip yourself with diverse weapons and armor survive fireful enemy attacks. You can Choose from the diverse game modes and perform the objectives. Also don’t forget to complete the missions and goals to gain powerful special weapons to use against the pesky enemy bosses!

Up next we have an fps once again from the Crecent Moon Studios! The NEON SHADOW! Its an epic fast paced shooter with an alien hunting plot! Here you need to Save humanity from the dark anoids rapidly taking control of our galaxy! It supports both online death matches along with offline Multiplayer matches over the same wifi! Moreover it supports most of the controllers and is completely free to download and play!

And the last one on our list is a cool 978 mb game from the Blayze Games studios, The Bullet Force! Its a Multiplayer first person shooter with realistic maps and lots of customizations. This game currently features 4 polished game-modes including Team Death match, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game. In all of them you will be in combat against other players. You can also play your own custom matches with custom settings!


So thats all for today guys…hope you will enjoyed Top 10 OFFLINE FPS ANDROID GAMES AND iOS. See you in the next article! Till then, this is your friend ‘shakeel ahmed’,

Hamza Akram

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