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Top 6 video games for android mobiles

video games for android mobiles

In This Article I Will Tell You About 6 Very Explosive Fighting Video Games You Can Download All Games From Google Playstore Easily. There Are Many Games But Fighting Games Have a Different Taste. So Get Ready For The Best Fighting Video Games .
1.Injustice 2 Video Game
Injustice 2 The Biggest Superhero Brawl On The Mobile Gets Its Well-Deserved Sequel. Following A Widespread success with their first title, Nether Realm studios comes in to give Us another polished fighting game worthy of their repertoire. With Injustice 2, they’ve Definitely upped the ante to bring more of the same mobile-optimized battles in iconic DC Locations. In the world of Injustice, good doesn’t always triumph over evil. Put your comic Book theories to the test as you watch Joker square off with Batman, Lex Luthor with Superman, or, with their variety of heroes and villains Use a flurry of taps and swipes to take Down your opponents each and every time–without any of those plot-based armor. Upgrade Your heroes by collecting new gear,earning more stars and climbing the ranks in online play. It has a Play Score of 8.01. 9.

2.WWE Immortals Video Game
WWE Immortals From the superheroes of the DC universe, to the super powered superstars Of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Nether Realm Studios, with some help from Phosphor Game Studios, turns WWE’s professional wrestlers into powerful heroes of a dark Fantasy world. Witness their gimmicks become digital reality. With undertaker’s dead Conversion Big Show’s barbarian build, and John Cena’s spandex suit and a whole lot More, it’s a wrestling fight like never before. In the super natural world of immortals, their Signature moves become all new superpowers rendered with their remarkable 3D graphics. Gather a team of powerful fighters and turn into their best superhero selves, ready to Decimate the colossal 3 vs 3 competition. Pick from a massive lineup of wrestlers, from the Classic heavyweights to the dashing divas–all in their over the top garb. With their detailed Character designs and creative concept, it receives a Play Score of 8.06. 8.

3.Real Steel World Robot Boxing Video Game
Real Steel World Robot Boxing There’s nothing like the satisfying metal clinks of robot fight. Following the moderate success of 2011’s outrageous Real Steel film starring Hugh Jackman, Reliance Entertainment struck gold with its robot boxing franchise Take the Winning belt with the game’s metal titans, and serve up a different kind of metal meal with Jabs, uppercuts, special moves to short circuit the robot rivalry.Take the legends to the Stage, and turn the minto the championship-winning fan favorites they deserve to be. Other Than the traditional career mode, Real Steel boxing also has a multiplayer mode for you to Compete with friends over wifi and bluetooth. it receives a Play Score of 8.1. 7.

4.EA SPORTS UFC Video Game
EA SPORTS UFC Released in 2015, this mobile adaptation of EA Sport’s MMA fighter is as Good as it gets. Step into the UFC’s iconic octagon and immerse yourself in the thrill of the Action. All your favorite superstars have been rounded up for this grand battle for Supremacy, from Ronda Rousey, Connor McGregor, Chuck Liddell,and so much more. Collect your favorite fighters and watch them duke it out onstage with the game’s jaw Dropping visuals. Take your pick from over 70 different superstars in four different divisions, And use their varying techniques to make it up the UFC ladder.Start your journey to the top By training your fighters and honing their skills through every bloody match. While the game Is free, it also has quite a number of in-app purchases that’s expected in every Electronic Arts game. But if money is no object, then EA SPORTS UFC is easily one of the best MMA Games on the market. It has a Play Score of 8.11. 6.

MORTAL COMBAT X The fatality continues with Nether Realms Studios’sequel to the Rebooted Mortal Combat game. Now, with its release on the mobile, you canem brace the Thrill of gory kills and brutal decapitations anywhere you go. A fusion of fighting and card Collecting,create the ultimate Mortal Combat team and test their skills in the most merciless Tournament the world has ever seen. As far removed as it is from the straight forward Battles of the original, this android version still boasts stunning visuals to deliver the Satisfaction of each x-ray and fatality. Cassie Cage, and Cotal Khan. The fun continues with Their continual updates,introducing characters like the mobile exclusive Freddy Crueger, Jade, Baraka, and the most recent, Taked a. Perform those gory finishers whenever, Wherever.It has a Play Score of 8.15. 5.

5. Punch Club Video Game
Punch Club If you want to live out a tale of vengeance and redemption that’s worthy of a Classic 80’s flick, then this sports management simulation is right up your alley. Complete With the trademark arcade aesthetics of video game vintages, it does a great job of stirring Out our nostalgic senses while giving out a rewarding boxing experience. Avenge the death Of your father, join the boxing league, and discover the identity of your dad’s killer. Despite The simplistic plot, it’s as detailed as it can be, letting you customize strength, agility, and Stamina–all while maintaining other lesser attributes and searching for your dad. Bask in The colorfully detailed world.
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