What is Temprature Gun – Temprature Gun – infrared temperature gun

Temprature Gun

Hi Friend How Are You Today I hope you are always healthy we must be angry or disappointed even annoyed when we know. The temperature gun we just bought no longer able to measure body temperature feeling angry and disappointed because. This temperature gun is needed very necessary for current conditions we regret why buying a temperature gun with a bad quality but not so friend.

This temperature gun can still be fixed the most common problem is temperature gun showing ‘Hi’ Like this or Showing ‘Low’ like this temperature gun showing that condition we can fix it, and don’t be disappointed adn don’t wory then how is it previously i informed that temperature gun body or body temperature temperature gun has a measurement interval between 32 until 42,9 degrees Celsius or can be say 43 degrees Celsius so when  the temperature gun measures the temperature below 32 so temperature gun showing ‘Low’ or when  the temperature gun measures the temperature above 43 so temperature gun showing ‘Hi’.

Thats the problem we can’t use the temperature gun in this case for fix it we need two material cold temperature material i use ice and than hot temperature i use hot water then how about tips and tricks to fix it see step by step in this video from the beginning to the end,  friends don’t forget for those who haven’t subscribed, subscribed this chanel to help this channel grow better.

The first press ‘set’ button and ‘ON’ button together in 3 second we point to cold temperatures 27,8 this is room temperature we know room temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees Celsius let’s achieve 20-30 or 20-28.

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After that press again ‘ON’ button point to cold temperatures try to reach 32 at this time I gave an example with ice not reaching 32 you can bring the temperature gun into the freezer in order to get the temperature 32 – 34 degrees Celsius lower that is must better.

Press  again ‘ON’ button next temperature point to hot temperatures try to reach 43 press ‘ON’ again and display show ‘PASS’  than display off.

The temperature gun should have been normal measurement results are no longer ‘Hi’ or ‘Low’ The temperature gun is not ready to use because it still needs to be in Celiberation if you don’t know how to celiberation please visit my Another blog to learn how to celiberation temperature gun you can click on the : Matric Result 2020 – 10th Class Result 2020 – Tips2all.com.

Maybe that’s the tips and tricks to fix temprature gun show ‘Hi’ and ‘Low’ if this blog is useful please like share with friends in need or comment to ask or only for a comment thanks to friends who have Read from beginning to end so is my articls What is Temprature Gun – Temprature Gun – infrared temperature gun.


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