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The snack app does work the same as the tik tok app. On this platform, you can find the content of all categories regarding entertainment, music, fun, comedy, stitching skills, recipe expertise, trendy fashion ideas, acting, craft, drama clips, and anything you want. This app is perfect to create short videos.

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Historical background of snack app:

This app established in the year 2020 and got public exposure in the current year. The snack app got fame when the TikTok app faced restrictions and banned. It is available in various countries but it is blocked in India.

My Code: 252 423 800

Use and downloading of snack app:

You can use a snack app after downloading it. You can download it by following simple methods used to download other’s applications:

1) Click on your play store

2) Find a snack video app.

3) You will see a bar named install you just have to click on that.

4) You have to press the install key.

5) After installing the app you will be eligible to watch videos.

6) You can watch other’s content by just installing the app, but you need to make your own account for uploading your own videos.

How to create your snack app account?

There are two simple and easy ways to make your account on snack app:

*Continue through your Facebook account

*Continue through your Google account

If you’re connecting your snack account with Facebook, you have to give your Facebook account number/email and password.

But if you’re choosing your Google account you just have to click on that and it will automatically get access.

So it’s your own choice which method you want to choose for it.

Surprising Secrets to earning money from snack app:

They are as following:

Sign-up Reward:

When you’re done with snack app downloading you get 200 coins on spot. It’s your sign-up gift which is a welcoming gesture for you on the snack app.

Daily basis reward:

The second way to get money from snack app is a daily basis reward. For this offer, you have to check in your coins on daily basis. So you will be able to avail yourself its advantages.

1st Day coins= +200

2nd Day coins = +400

3rd Day coins= +800

4th Day coins= +200

5th Day coins= +400

6th Day coins= +200

1st week coins= +1599

2nd week coins= +2399

3rd week coins= +2999

1st month coins= + 3999

Get money from sponsorship:

Sponsorship is a way through which you can promote branded products of the biggest names of the country. You design videos for this purpose and companies tend to pay you a handsome amount.

Through friends invitation:

When anyone from your friend list clicks on your given link based on your code and downloads the app, then you will get 140 to 200 rupees on each invite.

Through product selling:

You can get money from products selling on snack app as well. You just have to create videos about the products of the companies and place them on the snack app. The company will pay you. This will be more beneficial for you if you have larger followers.

The withdrawal process from snack app:

• Click on your profile settings

• Press on the layout of the snack app

• Here you will be demanding your contact number.

• You have to choose jazz cash/Easypaisa account

• You will get a verification account on your number.

• Your number will be registered when you will enter the code.

• Press on coins bar

• Where you will see coins and their Pakistani rupees.

•After next you will see options of rupees

• You can withdraw your money just one time a day.

Snack app coin rate in Pakistan:

It does not remain the same. So it is exchanging every day. The average coin rate of snack app is that 50 coins are the same as 0.01 take PKR.

Top features of snack app:

* You can share snack videos on other apps without having a video downloader.

*You can create your own video just in a while on the snack app platform.

* Anyone can operate it easily.

*Snack app is an amazing way to share your talent with anonymous people and your friends as well.

* Through your own content, you can earn money easily.

*You can do chat with your friends about lots of other activities.

* You can get your name and fame on a single platform called a snack app.

About snack video creation:

Snack app is looking for short video stuff designers. You can avail this opportunity and make money from it. Both creators normal and YouTubers can design videos for snack app.

Normal creators:

Normal creators can earn money on basis of performance. if you want to show your talent to the outer world and earn, you must work with a snack app.

Youtuber creators:

The snack app also encourages Youtubers to design videos for it. But YouTubers will get fixed payments according to their no. of subscribers.

So it’s the best opportunity for YouTubers as well to make more money.

Note for content developers of snack app:

If you want to join this platform as the content provider you can apply for the normal creator on basis of your talent.

If you want to become part of the snack platform as a Youtuber, you will be welcome on having 10k subscribers.

Video watching on snack app:

This is the easiest way to earn money on a snack app. Even without inviting friends, you can do it. You can get coins for watching videos for 5 to 10 minutes. So snack gives you a reward for spending time on the app.

Code binding on snack app:

•You have to sign in to the app, firstly

• Afterwards you reach on another option of input the code.

• Then you have to copy-paste your code, never try to type that.

• When you will be done with copy-pasting your code will be bind.

Use hashtag to make your video viral:

The hashtag is a very smart trick to make your video viral. This will give your content more popularity. You can use hashtags while uploading your videos. So it will be your strength.


A snack app is a dramatic way to earn money. Putting little effort into it. You just have to log in to the account and show active participation. Snack app is a simple and unique platform to earn money and have entertainment and much more fun on a single platform. So everyone loves it.


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