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Aim Carrom v2.1.2 For Carrom Pool – Android 11 All Devices Work

Aim Carrom :

Aim Carrom is a wonderful application that assists you to be an actual player of carrom. Similarly, you possessing sensing elements along with enlarged and pitches measurement. Along with the AimBest sensing element, you can smoothly fabricate perfect, error-free kicks, not just for straight shots yet as well for side shots and swift shots.

Aim Carrom possess the ensuing features:

– A robotic widen recommendations in the course of game practice.

-100% secure, no attack along with AI icon identification.


The carrom device is just appropriate for aim carrom. Kindly operate it fairly to play/enhance your gaming expertise.

Detail of Aim Carrom:

App’s version: 1.2.3
Updated Date of Version : 10th August 2021
Number of Downloading: 100,000+ downloading
Size of Installing: 9.13 Megabytes
In application buys: 1600 Rs to 16400 on each item
Presented by: Tanbei0727
Launched on: 5th October 2020

Application Authorization:

• Stop mobile by sleeping mode.

• Visit Wi-Fi connectivity.

• Notification for ID advertising.

• Get info on the internet.

• Google play store paying amenities.

•Have complete network reach.

•Activity identification.

•Sprint forefront service.

• Attach and detach by Wi-Fi.

•This application may display in the front of further applications.

•Authority on nearby area communication.

• Sprint at initiating.

•Sight connections of the network.

• View Google amenity design.

• Shuffles sprinting applications.

• Type fast messages.

• Read fast messages.

• Nearby to further applications.

• Play download relocation Application Programming Interface.

•Connect along with Bluetooth tools.

• Power on vibration control.

How to install Aim Carrom?

Along purpose to install the aim carrom having limitless coins.

Ensure the smooth steps as under:

* Press on install button as under.

* Quickly your installing will start.

* The installing procedure will lay hold few seconds.

* One-time installing is finalized.

* Tap on the download button.

* Permit unfamiliar resources by setting up your smartphone.

* Well wishes! You have accurately downloaded the application.

Best features of the app:

– Many player’s tools.

– Practice it virtually along with your friends.

– You may practice it offline also.

– Dual diverse modes: mode of classic and mode of Disc Pool.

– Easy holds and actual surface.

– Unlock a lot of pucks and strikers/attackers.

– Win an exciting free success chest along with surprising prizes.

– Updated attacker and let loose excitement.

– Be a contestant of expert players.

– Practice your fate by the free regular Golden kick and achieve bumper rewards.

– Illimitable coins prizes and cash.

Detail of features:

Many-player Tool:

It is about the enjoyment to play games along with your buddies and family. The aim carrom permits you to practice it along your friend circle. Simultaneously 4 persons may play it just similar to the actual life game of carrom. Do adventure to your buddies, be a contestant of them and win more and more coins.

virtual feature:

You can play it virtually with your loved ones. It is a wonderful feature of it. It has more advantages rather than the actual life of carrom. Since you may play actual life games along with your buddies. Whether and just they are around you. Yet this virtual aim carrom had built it attainable to play it virtually.

Offline playing feature:

You can even play it without an internet facility. Just you have to practice it on your PC. Your PC will practice it like an actual player.

Illimitable Gems:

Gems are about the significant currency of the game. Since you may unbolt more interesting features while you will have more gems. To earn games you have to win numerous gems. So you have to be very conscious about it.

Purchase item by Shops:

While you unfold the game you will view the shop portion at the right edge. Here you will find various items alike gems expert, pro and Supreme chests, and many more. Yet to attain whole these objects you have to invest thousands of actual cash. But hold! you may operate our version to obtain whole these objects entirely unbolted.

Ads cancellation:

It’s good to update for carrom fans that we have deleted whole extra apps by this tool. Now you may play it free from ads. At present, you will not get irritated by pop-ups ads. Read More: Google Lulubox For Carrom Pool

Unbolted whole Chests:

By our version, you will attain whole chests entirely unbolted containing:

Master, pro, supreme, Delhi Bronze, and Paris bronze chests.

How to install Aim Carrom on your PC?

Method # 1:

BlueStacks is the best way to spring Android apps on PC. So, we will install it on PC by BlueStacks. The procedure is as under.

Step # 1:

Install BlueStacks by given link. Whether you don’t download it before. Install BlueStacks for PC.

Step # 2:

The downloading process is smooth easy. Later successful downloading. Unfold and BlueStacks contender.

Step # 3:

It can hold few minutes to run BlueStacks eventually. One time it’s unfolded, you must be capable to view the web page of BlueStacks.

Step # 4:

Play store takes place pre-download over BlueStacks. On the web page, discover the play store and tap double click on the image to unfold it.

Step # 5:

At present browse in distinction to download it by your PC. In our case browse to Aim Carrom to download by PC.

Step # 6:

One time you tap on the download option, Aim Carrom will be download robotically over BlueStacks. You may discover the app beneath the index of downloaded apps by BlueStacks.

Method #2

Since additional famous Android contender that is acquiring extreme concentration in current duration by Memu-play. It is immense feasible, quick, and all-inclusive created/developed for playing causes. This method is for laptop download.

Step # 1:

Download Memu-play on your laptop. Here you are provided the link. Menu-play portal. Unfold the official portal and install the software.

Step #2:

One time you are done with emulator downloading. Only unbolt it and discover a play store image on the web page of Memuplay. Only tap double-click over that to unbolt.

Step # 3:

At present browse for Aim Carrom by Google play store. Discover official application by tangbei0727 creator and press on download key.

Step # 4:

By successful downloading, you can get Aim Carrom on the web page of Memuplay.

Memuplay is the easiest and smooth to operate app. It is extremely weightless the oppose towards BlueStacks. For instance, it is developed for playing causes. You may practice fine ending games like PUBG, Temple Run and Mini Militia, etc.


Aim Carrom has earned extreme fame along with its easiest still effective usage. We have compiled dual perfect methods to download it for PC and laptop. Dual discussed emulators are famous to operate apps by PC. You may use anyone method to download this game.

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