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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos For Android

How to recover deleted photos and videos?

  • Sometimes, you mistakenly press the delete button to delete your important photos and videos (Recover). Then suddenly you want to get recover your important data back to you. But you have no info, how can you recover your photos, videos?
  • It is a time of technological uprise. All institutions are providing education online. Because it is a time of the global pandemic. So, every organization has turned its format into online communication.
  • Thus, in this regard, your mobile memory always fills with your important images and videos. And you can not afford their listing. Hence, in this article, you will come to know about its solution.
  • So, kindly give it a read. And get back your data without any trouble. All our professional communication has shifted to our mobile devices. So, it has become the problem of every individual I guess.
  • But now you do not need to get anxious about it. Because you have an option to recover your photos and videos back with little effort. You can even retrieve your data without the assistance of a computer. Moreover, the further detail is as under.

By what method to retrieve deleted photos by Android aside from computer support?

You can retrieve your deleted videos in multiple ways. It’s up to you which method do you like the most? If you have a recovery option in form of backup is obtainable. You will see diverse solutions to obtain your removed videos again.

Procedure # A:

  • Refresh removed videos by your Android mobile through currently deleted media. We all have an idea that photos/videos, you remove by your gallery will be retained in currency deleted file for the time frame of above to 1 month.
  • With that certain period, you yet have an option to retrieve removed photos/videos. Hence, whether your deleted items are yet in the currency removed folder. This will be convenient for you to acquire back recovers photos and videos by your Android mobile.
  • To acquire back removed videos by Android mobile the currently removed folder

Tip # 1:

Unfold your Android gallery and touch on the Albums option.

Tip # 2

Rolling up to press currently deleted options.

Tip # 3:

Press and click any of the videos, that you wish to retrieve. Later, press to choose further items that you desire to refresh.

Tip # 4:

Press Restore to refresh the removed photos/videos.

Procedure # B:

Recover everlasting removed videos by Android along with recovery application of Android data:

Whether you have cleaned the currently removed folder or photos/videos. Those you wish to recover are removed above to 1 month ago. Certain items are everlastingly removed by your Android mobile.

Later, how many you retrieve permanently removed videos by your Android phone?

  • To retrieve permanently removed photos/videos by your Android mobile apart from your computer. The recovery application for Android data__ is EaseUS MobiSaver in distinction to Android will assist.
  • operates to retrieve removed or replace photos and videos, call logs of contacts, messages, and WhatsApp texts by multifarious sort of Android mobiles. That’s why, while you requisite video retrieving in your Android mobile. This could be an excellent option for you.

To retrieve permanently removed photos and videos by Android mobile:

Tip # 1:

Install the application on your mobile and initiate to browse missing videos/photos through pressing the start searching option.

Tip # 2:

Removed videos/photos at present display by your Android screen.

Tip # 3:

Press over settings. You may choose preference to permit software browse and show a few specific sizes and formats of files etc.

Tip # 4:

Later, browsing chooses shown files and over recover. Click over an icon of an eye. The whole retrieved videos/photos are retained there.

Procedure # C:

Acquire back removed videos by Android through Google Photos Application:

  • Whether you uploaded photos/videos by your Android mobile towards the Google Photos application. Later you may receive them smoothly by Google Photos Application, free from asking computer assistance.
  • To retrieve removed videos by Android mobile apart from computer assistance.

Tip # 1:

Over your Android mobile, unfold your Google Photos Application.

Tip # 2:

Press “Menu” on your screen placed at the top-left position.

Tip # 3:

Later press on the trash option.

Tip # 4:

Select videos/photos you wish to retrieve.

Tip # 5:

Press over the Restore button.

Procedure # D:

Retrieved removed videos/photos out of Google Drive:

Whether you have moved backward your photos/videos towards Google Drive. Then you may refresh and removed files out of Google Drive towards your Android mobile not having computer assistance.

Tip # 1:

Unfold Google Drive home-page or you may sign in towards your Google Drive application in your Android along with a similar account which you operate towards backup.

Tip # 2:

Later you will notice the entire of your photos/videos, you move backward along Google Drive.

Tip # 3:

Choose videos/photos that you want to refresh and retrieve them into your Android mobile.

Second Method:

Recover removed videos out of Android mobile along with computer:

  • You can even retrieve your Android mobile data by desktop software which you may too administer to refresh removed videos by your mobile memory. The recovery tool for Android data as discussed above.
  • The EaseUS MobiSaver offers a desktop system for you to operate recovery of Android data. Along with its downloading on your PC, you will be suitable to refresh photos/videos, phone numbers, and further sort of stuff missed due to multiple causes by an Android mobile/tablet.
  • You may at present install desktop-grounded EaseUS MobiSaver in distinction to Android and download it to your PC to initiate the retrieving procedure.

Tip # 1:

Get a connection to your Android mobile towards the computer and operate EaseUS MobiSaver. Press the start option to continue.


Since software may just reach to fixed Android mobile, you are bound to verify that your mobile has been fixed before recovery.

Tip # 2:

Scan your Android mobile to get all current and missed data.

Tip # 3:

  • Show off and shift data out of Android mobile towards PC. Afterward, choose data that you had wished to retrieve. In the end, you may tap the recover option to refresh chosen data towards PC at one time.
  • Later you may feed a duplicate of those retrieved videos/photos alike a move backward in your PC and later shift them towards your Android mobile. Thus, as to proceed to operate them twice.

The lowest line:

  • At the moment by what method may you retrieve removed videos out of Android mobile apart from PC. Or refresh everlasting removed videos out of your Android mobile. Whereas, they are impactful to acquire back removed files to facilitate you.
  • The excellent way to distinguish you is to stop data loss is to formally add up in your rare files. Hence, don’t get anxious to create a move backward file of your Android now.

How to get rid of missing your photos in your Android for next time?

  • As there are various techniques of how to refresh removed photos in your Android does not assure you of a victorious retrieving? Along with the excellent software of image recovery apps and with our comprehensive suggestions.
  • There is the least option that you would not be suitable to refresh everything you desire to retrieve. Because of this, it’s excellent to get rid of missing photos in the first location and don’t take risks for something.

Operate under 5 strategies to minimize your golden chance of suddenly missing significant photos:

Tap Back up to your mobile:

  • Certainly not misjudge the significance of move backward. That is about backup. Holding thorough backup of your Android mobile in your hands permits you to retrieve not only remove and miss photos/videos.
  • Yet as well further files, apps, and settings even. Whether you misplace your mobile, you may smoothly acquire a brand new one and retrieve it out of backup. It punches holding to establish all things by mark.

Remove Cached photos in your Android photos:

  • You tap over the thumbnail option in your Android gallery since no action takes place __ the image does not unfold. Why? It happens many times while the Android system does not assure thumbnails accurately.
  • And just one option seems that how to control it is to remove .thumbnails documents in a folder of DCIM. You may even remove it straightforwardly by operating a file search engine. Or you may operate a disk surface cleaner for you to practice it.

Clear up your data Storage:

  • Various Android mobiles act changeably while they are poor over data storage. Whether your images ever initiative vanishing make certain to scan how much available data storage you have?
  • Whether you discover away that you have low MBs available, your Android is surely requisite clean up.

Post images towards the Cloud:

Nowadays, there are too many cloud storage amenities to select from. And many among them are well suited along with Android mobiles and provide robotic images backups. The amazing fact related to cloud storage facility post your images towards cloud is which you may retrieve them at anywhere and on whatsoever device.

Become most Conscious:

  • A backup can secure you while a terrible/harmful occurrence. Since it’s fantastic to get rid of terrible risks completely. As there is no recycle bin available on many Android mobiles and tabs.
  • So, you must be conscious while removing or else run/control images and videos. While in an urgency or stress state, recall yourself to contemplate in advance of tapping.


  • Optimistically/confidently, you have been capable to follow the suggestions given in this piece of information. To retrieve all removed images by your Android mobile along with recovery apps.
  • We suggest you bookmark it. Hence, you may return towards it in your upcoming days or dispatch it to anybody you recognize and assist them to retrieve removed photos before it’s overtime/belated. Read More: How To Track Anyone WhatsApp Chat

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