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How To Track Anyone WhatsApp Chat – Yo WhatsApp

How to track WhatsApp

WhatsApp – is a greatly distinguished messaging app that is browser-based and full-featured. It was amassed by Facebook for a massive $19 billion and has 2 billion active users.

But this app can be embezzled easily both by young, old and everybody. That is why it has become more vital to track WhatsApp.

In this article I’ll tell you how, you track WhatsApp online, messages, chats, location, number, and call history.

Track WhatsApp messages:

There are many apps by using you can easily track WhatsApp messages but here I’ll present apps to track messages;


With heeding to trait asunder from WhatsApp messages tracking, mSpy put forward you lot of to select from comprising tracking received and sent messages, web history, and monitoring calls. This app offers Premium and bundle kit plans with thrived considerable features. Beneath give the method to use this app;

  1. Firstly, chose a plan the from three given plans.
  2. After that, install this app on your phone.
  3. Now lead to the mSpy dashboard and to get a gist of received and sent messages click on WhatsApp messages. You can also view device location from this dashboard.


It is a professional monitoring app that can track photos, videos, calls, messages, Gps, and control plan impediments. To use this app follow given below steps;

  1. Install this app on your device.
  2. Now login to your control panel.
  3. Start to track WhatsApp.


With this app you can effortlessly read the incoming and outgoing messages of anyone, view contact info, check group messages and also access deleted messages. A timestamp goes along with every message. When chat transpires you are immediately notified.

It is a small fully web-based app without using extra resources and battery. You can install it on your phone or computer without any struggle. To download this app follow given below steps;

  1. To sign up, this app visits the official website and uses your email id.
  2. To read the messages of someone you require to buy a plan of Minsky. If you want to check the activity on WhatsApp then you will buy family and corporate plans.
  3. To set up all that you will check your email. And work according to given instructions.
  4. Plop username or password of iCloud account attached to the appliance. After this wait for a while.
  5. You need to download the spy app on your phone. After installation waits for a minute till Minspy syncs with the appliance.
  6. After the completion of another ve process you can easily read the messages of anyone. Now, login to Minthe spy dashboard overture an overview of device activity.


Spyzie app can use by paying two monthly subscriptions and is covered by class directing multi-language support. It permits you to regulate incoming and outgoing calls, review browser records, view photos, and installed apps and track messages. There are 3 the steps to install this application now chose a plan and register it.

  1. After registration install it on your phone
  2. Now lead to the Spyzie dashboard and select the pick from the left channel. Through this y, you can track WhatsApp messages.

Track WhatsApp location:

You can easily track the location of anyone by using the WhatsApp location feature. To use this follow these steps;

  1. Firstly, open WhatsApp.
  2. Thump on the message icon.
  3. To share the location Choose the contact.
  4. Tap on the paperclip icon and select location.
  5. Click on continue.
  6. After this, you can see the map. Click on it.
  7. WhatsApp will give you a notification ‘participants in this chat will see your location. This shares your location up to choosing duration and you can stop sharing at any time. Click on continue’
  8. Select the time duration you want to share with your friends and can also add comments if you prefer then send it.
  9. After all this process your targeted contact receives a message. You can stop sharing locations at any time.

Track WhatsApp call history:

You can easily check the call history of WhatsApp on mobile While WhatsApp web is more helpful in indicating your WhatsApp account on PC. But glimpsing the call history and making voice and video calls is not feasible with this.

There are 2 methods to track WhatsApp call history. Read More: YoWhatsApp Download Apk Latest v17.30 – Sep 2021


  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. On the top of WhatsApp click on the call option.
  3. Here you can see call history audio and video calls.


To track WhatsApp call history is not easy. If you want to do that then you need to install third-party software.

Track Whatsapp last seen:

With the help of many apps, you can easily check the online timings of anyone. Whenever your friends are online you will be instructed. Contrarily, it becomes irritating to examine again and again somebody is online or not.

I’ll explain some apps by using you can review the last seen of a specified person.

  • Yansa:

Yansa is the finest online tracker app. Its features are mind-blowing. It sends a notification when anyone will be online or offline and also can check the stay time of the person on Whatsapp. This duration appears in clock style. By using this app you can search the detail of more than 10 contacts on a single platform.

  • Familog:

If you need more correct statics then it is the perfect app. It will form daily, weekly and monthly charts. It gives you chance to track many persons at a time. It will enable you to correlate their time consumed online and offline on Whatsapp.

  • Trackly:

This app has incredible proficiency to track the last seen of anyone. You will be acquainted when a person alters stature online and offline. It also gives information with a permit to daily report on the online trials of user trailers. You can track two people at a time.

This app is also unable you to describe with two numbers you trail. You can also disable the notification.

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