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Downlaod Aim Carrom For Carrom Pool New V2.5.4 – Tips 2 All

Aim Carrom apk – For carrom pool

What is carrom?

A discernment into the distinctive indoor “board game” of carrom. This game is very typically played by gangs and at social functions. New norms and principles exist in different regions. During the early 20th century, it came to be very prominent in Commonwealth and United Kingdom.

This game is very traditional in South Asia, several groups hold traditional competitions. Carrom is recognized by different names in numerous terminologies in South Asia.


The carrom game is said to be emanated in India, although there are not many clues to verify the saying considerably, but is supposed to be first fiddled by the Indian Maharajas. This game achieved extensive popularity among the crowds at the end of World War 1 and is now fiddled at a much bigger arena.

How to play carrom?


Carrom is played on a quadrangle board with a bag in each recess. The extent of the organized board is a 29 inches (74 cm) square playing ground. The horizons are cramped by armors of wood, and the bottom of each bag is wrapped with a net which is 10 cm2.

Carrom men:

Carrom is played using disks of plastic of wood which is carrom men. Carrom men are formulated to slip when struck and are made with a flat surface that skims effortlessly when set straight on the board. They are struck by a Striker of a standard specification which is larger and heavier. Carrom pursues related strike and pocket games, like pool, with its aim of rebounds and angles.

A carrom set includes 19 chunks in three definite colors: one for each player, and the other for the queen. The white and black color for the players and red for the queen.


Striker pieces are utilized to lift the Queen and carrom men across the board to the bags.


The red disk is the queen; it is the helpful piece. It is positioned at the midst of the circle, during the board setup. According to the ICF rules, filch the queen adds 3 points to the player’s total score. The extents of the queen must be the exact as those of other carrom men.


The powder is used on the board to stimulate the pieces to skid easily. Mostly, Boric acid is used for this purpose.

How to become an actual player in carrom?

By using Aim Carrom apk you can become an actual player of carrom. Aim Carrom is an excellent piece of equipment that encourages you to play competently in the Carrom. It’s like you are having mystic eyes with expanded ball way after exact proportion and angles. With the “AimBest” mysticism sights, You could easily make careful and good shots not only for direct shots but also for quick shots and bank shots.

Description of Aim Carrom:

Aim Carrom apk app was released on 5 Oct 2020 and the version of this app is 1.2.8. This is offered by tangbei0727. Its reviews are 6k and its rating is 4.2 stars. You can purchase it for Rs.16400.

How Aim carrom apk app is useful and assists to play carrom?

Aim Carrom apk has steady gameplay. This gives thorough indications at the start of the game to help players how to play.

The rule of throwing balls is very simple and does not create any complexness for players. Having convenient strikers game will robotically set angle relying on power planning locale.

You may rely on a specific set in the purposing angle to hit the target. To put an angle to a distinct striker flatly tap and go left or right beam. After that, declare for the shoot. Aim carrom still it lies at the mid of gravity as your fact will be enormous.

When players operate carrom then the striker takes interest in the striker. It not only displays the biological appearance of the player but also shows the status of the player.

You may scrutinize incredible strikers at the store of Aim Carrom apk. This is also present in the span of colors and useful visual layouts.

Important traits of Aim carrom apk:

Aim carrom is radical effective aiming in supremacy to carrom and also has auto lengthen approach during the gameplay. It is a wary and cozy app, there is no hack in this.

Automated Computerized tactics in the Aim carrom apk to play the game. This also provides virtual and offline modes.

Aim Carrom has many tables which you have a chance to open every table falls in various colors and shows along with a new exhibition of pucks.  Aim carrom apk helps you to hit 2 pucks at the same time.

How to install Aim Carrom apk on Android?

You can easily install this aim carrom apk on your Android by following given below 5 steps;

  • You can install this app effortlessly from the link that given below.
  • All the apps are not available in the play store. So, You may choose to nourish APK documents by Android.
  • To download a third-party app permit it.
  • Find and download the installed apk app.
  • In the last, discharge the app and start to play.



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