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Use All Network Bonus Code 2022

Know about codes for free internet by your active network:

Free internet codes detail:

This is the accurate venue to explore free internet codes. Here you all buddies find out the dialing codes to explore free data by your mobile networks. Read More: Internet All Networks Without Package

Mobilink Jazz:

  • Jazz and Warid as a conglomerate have almost 50 million users. Probably, everybody wishes to join this network to enjoy its faster and speedy internet. Despite that, their offers and packages are unboastful economically rather than further plans and pointless.
  • This is literally cause we have collectively been obtaining to set out hints which are actual and real. Jazz free data operating along with jazz free portal code.

Jazz free codes for www:

  • Jazz is an ideal 3G/4G internet distributor in Pakistan. This network supplies the best data packages on daily, monthly, weekly, fortnightly, day and night bundles, etc. Briefly discussed jazz contains a large number of users.
  • Jazz has millions of users due to this quality high-speed internet data and offers.

Free codes for free data by jazz:

  • *117*72*3# is the required code to use free data on jazz. By entering a certain code you will gain 500MBs free till to 10 days free from any hidden tax. Thus, here is the way to activate this offer.
  • Move towards your phone pad.
  • Use free data code to avail of the free bundle which is *1117*72*3#.
  • You will receive a pop-up text at top of the screen of your mobile.
  • Whether you will be suitable for this bundle, later you will receive 500MBs data along with no price.
  • This data will be usable for the next 10 days after activation of this bundle.

Festival with free WhatsApp by Jazz:

  • *225# is the required code to avail of this offer. Jazz as well provides 25 MBs for all times to enjoy a call. Thus, here is the procedure to activate this bundle for free WhatsApp.
  • Dial *225# to avail free MBs data for WhatsApp.
  • Later dialing, you will confirm my confirmation text.
  • While you will call anyone, you will gain 25MBs data for free.
  • With this offer, you may win 250MBs data on each day.
  • Enter *225*2# to click the remaining data of this bundle.

New SIM offer by Jazz:

  • This offer is specifically for new users. *989# is the required code to activate this bundle. 1500MBs for free will be awarded to every new user of jazz. This offer will be active excluding 9 p.m to 1 a.m for 2 months.
  • Later inserting your new jazz SIM in your mobile, you will be suitable to get this bundle. Free SMS and minutes will also include in this bundle.

Free data usage codes by Jazz:

  • If you don’t get free data, then dial the next mentioned codes to win free data by jazz sim. So, below is the list to get free data from jazz sim.
  • Whether your sim has 3G speed, shift into 4G connection and type *443*30# to avail 4GB free internet data by jazz sim.
  • To know about the time limit for this bundle for the remaining data press *117*89*2#.
  • Pressing *117*9# to avail 5GB free data.
  • Dial *836# to avail 3000MBs for free data usage by jazz sim for 3 days.

New sim gift on jazz 2022:

  • The bundle cost is zero.
  • Bundle activation is for 3 days.
  • Check remaining data by pressing *191*2#.
  • You will avail 2000MBs at recharge of 50 rupees on your new SIM card of jazz.

Free data Application suggestion by Jazz SIM 2022:

  • To install the jazz world app by the app store.
  • Make your app account for free of any recharge.
  • Later registration on it.
  • Press on the daily rewards option.
  • This is a free internet gift for daily usage.

Avail zong codes free data information:

Completely free data for www by Zong SIM:

  • The bundle price is zero.
  • Bundle activation is for 10 days.
  • Press *11177*72*3# to activate it.
  • Avail free 500MB data for www by song.

Enjoy free Browsing by Zong:

  • Press *537*2# to avail 1500MBs free data for browsing.
  • Press *7863*86# to avail of 1GB of free data for one day.
  • To avail 2GB free data by long press *117*111*2#.
  • Press *568#*11#/*44#/*102# to avail 4GB free data for one day.
  • Press *563*85*23# to avail 1GB free data for 7 days.

Free bundle for FB by Zong:

  • The service rate is zero.
  • Bundle activation is one day.
  • No, specific subscription is needed.
  • Flex FB mode permits servers to key entail detail mode and as well completely FB freestyle.
  • To allow the features to make a start to > Go towards FB > tap on Log in > By Preferences press on Drop menu. Then you will avail free mod of FB.
  • Permit it.
  • For further details, go on long free FB 2022.

New SIM bundle by Zong:

  • Zong new customers can avail of 2GB of free data for 3 days.
  • The bundle right is zero.
  • You may active this bundle by pressing *10#.

Avail Ufone free data codes detail:

Ufone free cost www free codes are accessible in this article.

New sim bundle by Ufone:

  • To avail of this bundle press *5000# and avail 1 month of free data. You will avail of 3000 SMS along with 3GB free data by this bundle. This bundle has a few limitations. Yet you will avail as well 100MBs free SMS by regularly.
  • Ufone as well offers the choice to get rid of unwanted information. By dropping the sender’s contact number on 9000. This option is just accessible for prepaid Ufone users.

Free data bundle by Ufone:

  • The offered fee is zero.
  • The duration for this bundle is 2 months.
  • Press *5000# to get activation of Ufone.
  • Avail 6000MBs, U2U minutes, and SMS.

Free access to www by Ufone codes:

  • The service fee is zero.
  • Bundle expiry is one week.
  • Press *987# to avail of this bundle.

Avail 4GB free data by Ufone:

  • The service fee is zero.
  • The expiry of this bundle is 3 days.
  • Press *5015# to activate this bundle.

Avail Telenor free data codes detail:

New SIM gift by Telenor:

  • The service cost is zero.
  • Press*954# to avail of this bundle.
  • The expiry of this bundle is 1 week.
  • Press *999# to check the remaining data.

Free WhatsApp codes by Telenor:

  • The service fee is zero.
  • Press *247# to avail it.
  • Use free WhatsApp by Telenor.

Free data gift by Telenor:

  • The service fee is zero.
  • To avail of this gift press *655#.
  • The offer’s expiry is one week.

Free data for www by Telenor:

  • The service cost is zero.
  • Press *900# to avail it.


This is a detailed article about all networks free internet data usage by codes. You may pick up your active network detail here and also share this info with your contact list.

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